Everything you want to know about power supplies.

This series of articles will look at everything related to power supplies (PSU’s).

Power Supplies 101 – Part 1

In this set of articles, I’m going to be looking at mains powered linear PSU’s, but before we start, a word of caution. You should already be aware that the domestic mains voltage, which can range anywhere from around 90v to 250v or more depending on your country, is lethal and will kill you if you don’t show it proper respect.

Please, if you’re uncomfortable with the idea of working with mains voltage don’t take the chance. 

Power Supplies 101 – Part 2

Sine waves, transformers and V/A (Volts / Amps) ratings.

Linear Voltage Regulators

Linear voltage regulators are cheap, easy to obtain and are very simpler to use. But they do have some pitfalls and whilst they are almost indestructible, you can fry them if you aren’t carful.

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