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  • Everything you want to know about power supplies.

    This series of articles will look at everything related to power supplies (PSU’s). Power Supplies 101 – Part 1 In this set of articles, I’m going to be looking at mains powered linear PSU’s, but before we start, a word of caution. You should already be aware that the domestic mains voltage, which can range…

  • Shift Registers

    Shift registers are wonderful things and especially useful to the hobbyist who never seems to have enough I/O pins on the CPU/MPC they want to use. So, with a view to helping explain these misunderstood little scamps, many years ago I wrote this to help explain them, how they work and a practical example of…

  • Microchip IC Package Specs.

    A PDF file from Microchip detailing all the different package types they have for their products… and there are a lot of them.

  • AC Single-Phase Motors Horsepower Ratings

    A PDF document containing a primer on Single-Phase AC motor horsepower ratings.