• Dataman EPROM programmer and fake EEPROMS

    One of my ongoing projects is building a replica Acorn System 1 computer and this has required programming EPROMS. Programming EPROMS in itself is fast, but erasing them ready for re-use is time consuming. So for this project I decided to use EEPROMS. Ebay had numerous Chinese sellers listing all types of devices from 2K […]

  • My Acorn system 1 lives

    I’ve been working on building a replica of an Acorn System 1 machine for quite some time and it’s basically been working, but had a really annoying niggle that I’ve been struggling to fix. Anyway, yesterday I was browsing an online forum and decided to post details about the problem I was having. Talk about […]

  • A quick update

    My day job has been insanely busy the last few weeks, and to be honest the last thing I’ve felt like doing was spending time hunched over a soldering iron or more time behind a computer screen.  I work for the NHS and all this virus business is to say the least depressing, so I […]

  • Diptrace PCB & Schematic design software

    I would just like to thank the people at DipTrace for allowing me to update to a version of their PCB / Schematic software that supports creations with more pins.  I’ve been using DipTrace for years and after outgrowing the basic free version, upgraded to a non-profit version that allows my creations up to 1000 […]

  • OXO with TTL Logic

    I’ve not been around much and my hobby has taken a bit of a back seat as I’ve just been so busy with other things. However things seem to have calmed down for now and I’ve got some time to switch on the soldering iron. Whilst sorting out my late brothers affects I stumbled across […]

  • So much to do… so little time

    So, as always I need to apologise for neglecting things on the site but I’ve just been so busy. Besides being busy at work I’ve also been busy in the workshop. One project that I’d like to share with you is my attempt to re-create an iconic British 8-bit computer; the Acorn System 1. The Wiki […]