I’m really enjoying my new webhosting

So, the bulk of my old website has been transferred to my new hosting platform. There are some articles and posts that I still need to transfer but they need work as I’m not very happy with how they were originally written and some of them have had upgrades and fixes applied so this needs to be reflected in the original documentation.

I have to say I am really enjoying my time with my new provider Hostinger.

On a couple of occasions I’ve been asked by friends (or I’ve mistakenly volunteered) to help set up websites for them and it’s been a real struggle. You purchase a webhosting package and they say that WordPress is installed and ready to go, but it’s not. There are problems with maximum upload sizes being set at ridiculously low values, or the site is slow, or it keeps dropping out. One provider I use constantly backlists me when I’m doing website maintenance because I don’t have a static IP address and it thinks I’m trying to hack the site with no way to even temporally disable the “feature”.

I’ve had no problems at all with Hostinger so far. I’ve worked on my site for several days constantly and except for one incident where for some reason WordPress wouldn’t allow me to paste text into a field (it would just keep crashing my WordPress client) it’s been perfect.

Of course as I’ve built my site I’ve gained more experience with WordPress and I’ve had to rely less on 3rd party widgets or plug-ins or whatever you call them. I decided to use one of the supplied built-in themes and bend that to my needs rather than take the risk of buying one and then it no longer being supported; I’ve got that problem with another website I maintain for somebody.

I was notified this morning that my domain transfer from my old provider has been completed so I now completely free from Weebly and this was also pretty painless. There was an issue with the authorisation code not being valid but a couple of minutes using the on-line support chat with Hostinger sorted that out; they even gave me the exact wording for the email to send to Weebly.

All in all a pleasant experience and I high recommend them… so far.

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