It’s getting there

I’m now half way though the second day of setting this new website up and I think I’m getting there. I know how the site should look, and I think I know how to bend WordPress to do what I want. I’ve got some issues with the colours; I still don’t know why I’ve got a light blue colour on the background, and there are issues with images and text not aligning correctly. It works, it’s just not looking as pretty as I would like.

WordPress has moved on a lot since I last used it in anger several years ago and for the better. My original site had maybe a hundred pages. It needed menu pages, and then one page for each project or article, and whilst I’d gotten quite proficient at creating new entries it was a bit messy. WordPress allows everything to go into a central blog. You attach a category to each post; is it a blog entry, or a project, or article etc, and then I’ve got a couple of pages; one per category, and that page automatically populates with blog entries related to that page category. It makes maintenance a lot simpler that’s for sure.

What I don’t like is that the WYSISYG editor really isn’t, and that’s causing me much frustration right now. My main page for example is completely unreadable in the editor but looks fine when viewed via a browser on my PC or phone. On the flip side when creating blog posts they seem to look ok in the editor then clunky with the alignment all over the place when viewed in a browser.

I’ve placed WordPress into my Linux category… both could be great when their finished. However, I will continue to battle on with WordPress as I’m almost there and I think it just requires more fiddling on my part. I could of course read the manual, but real engineers never do that and I’m not about to start now.

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