Fixed it…

I’ve been having a problem with WordPress that I assumed was down to my limited knowledge and experience. Turns out there is a bug.

I use “Tags” on posts. This allows me to group like posts easily together. I then use the WordPress “Query Loop” to display a list of all related posts at the bottom of the first post in a multi-post set. However, for some reason Query Loop wouldn’t always allow me to enter the Tag for all the related posts. Turns out there is a bug in WordPress and the Tag input box in Query Loop only scans the first 100 tags in the database. So it’s annoying, and there is a work around apparently, and I’ve managed to get around the problem for now by limiting the number of tags I have, but that won’t work forever. The problem has been outstanding for well over a year which is worrying, but for now, I’ve a solution that works for me so I’m happy.

Oh, and WordPress is free, so I really can’t start shouting “I didn’t pay good money for this so fix it”… Still, it has a huge community so hopefully it won’t be too long.

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