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  • Understanding PSUs and inrush current

    A PDF file containing a brief article on understanding inrush current is power supplies.

  • Voltage level shifting between 5v and 3v devices

    It’s not difficult these days to end up with a design where several of the major components all have different operating voltage requirements. A typical example may be a PIC running at 5v for performance reasons, most LCD modules also need 5v, but Microchip’s new Serial SRAMs require 3.6v and here’s the problem; connecting these Serial…

  • Help Cards

    Over the years I’ve either created or found small crib sheets or help cards that are useful to keep around the workshop for when the old grey matter lets me down. I’ve got a set of these all laminated (was a great reason to buy a laminator) and they are super useful. Anyway I’ve combined…