Month: January 2023

  • Fixed it…

    I’ve been having a problem with WordPress that I assumed was down to my limited knowledge and experience. Turns out there is a bug. I use “Tags” on posts. This allows me to group like posts easily together. I then use the WordPress “Query Loop” to display a list of all related posts at the […]

  • Oscilloscope Kit Repair – Part 2

    In the first part of this nail-biting adventure, I explained the origins of this oscilloscope and that after some basic investigations and repairs it was now sort of working. Now many of us are used to repairing a piece of equipment with limited or no documentation, but the more complex the equipment is, the harder […]

  • Oscilloscope Kit Repair – Part 1

    Back in the mid 70’s when I’d not long started playing with electronics I stumbled across the advert from the British National Radio & Electronics School. It promised to teach you electronics and as part of the course work you would build a working oscilloscope. My brother had one and he’d used it many time […]

  • Issues with some posts 🙁

    So I’m doing battle with WordPress right now as it seems incapable; or I’m incapable of persuading it, to support hierarchical posts. My PSU series of articles is an example. I have one post that is the parent or start of the series, then I have multiple child posts all linked to that parent. This […]