• Acorn System 1 Replica

    This was a mammoth project and isn’t actually finished although it does work. I’m not going into the background of the Acorn System 1 as those who know about this microcomputer are well aware of it’s history. Originally this rebuild project was a series of many blog entries describing how I got to a working […]

  • PIC Digital Thermometer and Clock

    This project is a reasonably simple large, four digit LED clock. It has the added bonus of being able to monitor up to two temperature sensors if required; one inside and the other outside possible. I’ve tested this with one of the sensors connected via a 5m piece of cable with no problems. Please read […]

  • Bench Audio Amplifier

    This is a simple audio amplifier project suitable for the workbench. It has it’s own internal mains PSU but this can be substituted for an external PSU for those constructions not comfortable working with mains electricity. It provides a pre-amplifier module, three-band equaliser and has output short-circuit and thermal protection and a maximum 5 watts […]

  • Build a simple FM transmitter

    This article shows you how to build a very simple FM transmitter from thirteen components (one of these you make yourself), a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and a 9v battery. It should be mentioned that this unit will be illegal in some countries as it transmits on the FM band anywhere from around 70 to […]