• Buck voltage regulators

    Ebay is awash with these type of small buck regulators and I thought it would be a good idea to put one though its paces, and I’ve written a review about my findings. You can rind it in the Review section of this site.

  • Temperature monitor & alarm

    This was one of those projects that should have taken an afternoon and ended up as a reasonably large build, however it’s now complete and working rather nicely. It’s also a perfect of example how I sometimes create a piece of test equipment for use with another project I’m working on. In this case I […]

  • And the distractions continue

    So, over the last few evenings I’ve managed to finish the first useful board for my new extendable PSU; a 5v board that can supply around 3 amps. It has a trim control that allows the output to be adjusted from 5v to 6v, and two op-amps wired as voltage comparators that illuminate a couple of […]

  • Inductors

    I’m currently working on a +5v plug-in module for my new PSU (see previous blog post).I had several requirements for this module including the ability to withstand a dead-short circuit and the final output voltage to be trimable to +/- 0.5v. Because of this I decided not to use the existing +5v rail that’s already […]

  • PSU Control & Monitoring

    Yesterday evening I completed the first of the plug in modules that simply allows me switch the thing on and off, monitor the output voltages and fault conditions. This is as basic a module as you can have, consisting of only LEDs and resistors. Later, I will create a better monitoring card that can actually monitor […]

  • New universal modular PSU

    The long bank holiday weekend arrived and I decided I would complete a battery powered project that’s been sitting around for a while; I have a lot of half completed projects sitting around the workshop.I needed to calibrate the software that monitors the internal rechargeable batteries and realised I didn’t have any type of suitable data […]