PICKIT2 and PIC18F25K22… again

n June 2012, I wrote a blog article on how to update the PICKIT2 to support the 18F25K22 PIC device. This is easy to do and just requires updating the local software device file, and I provided a link to the page on the Microchip site where you could download the required updates. Unfortunately, and I suppose not surprisingly really, Microchip seem to have pulled the page and the programmer is discontinued. It was replaced several years ago with the PICKIT3.
However, I for one still use my PICKIT2 all the time, and the internet is awash with them for sale, so I’ve included the required device file here.

When initially installed, the PICKIT2 PC software will probably only support the 18F25K20 device.
To check, select “Device Family” from the top menu of the PICKIT2 programmer software and then select PIC18F_K
Now select the “Programmer” top menu, and then “Manual Device Select” near the bottom of the list.
On the main screen, a drop-down list will be available next to “Device”. You will see that whilst the 18F28K20 device is shown, the 25K22 device is missing.

Exit the Programmer software.

Locate the folder containing your PICKIT2 software (mine is here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microchip\PICkit 2 v2)
In the folder you will see a file PK2DeviceFile.dat
This is the device parameter master list. Rename this file to .OLD

The above .ZIP file contains a replacement .DAT file.

Rename the file in the .ZIP file to PK2DeviceFile.dat and place it in the PICKIT2 folder above.

Restart the PICKIT2 software and hey-presto, you now have support for the 25K22 device as well as many other devices.

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