• Issues with some posts 🙁

    So I’m doing battle with WordPress right now as it seems incapable; or I’m incapable of persuading it, to support hierarchical posts. My PSU series of articles is an example. I have one post that is the parent or start of the series, then I have multiple child posts all linked to that parent. This […]

  • OXO – Part 2

    When designing a project like this, I like to revert back to my tried and trusted pencil and paper to draw flowcharts and after a couple of iterations I came up with this. Whilst the process depicted above is basically correct, as it stands it’s highlighted some problems. The diagram shows that some branches have […]

  • OXO – Part 1

    My original blog post details how I came to start this project and why I chose to see if I could construct this using TTL chips and diodes so I won’t repeat those ramblings here. Instead, let’s get right down to seeing if I can build this or not.  For me, design is an iterative process. I […]

  • I’m really enjoying my new webhosting

    So, the bulk of my old website has been transferred to my new hosting platform. There are some articles and posts that I still need to transfer but they need work as I’m not very happy with how they were originally written and some of them have had upgrades and fixes applied so this needs […]